Safety for almost all branches The areas of application of CO2 CONTROL

Even when all safety measures are in place, CO2 could time and again be emitted at uncontrolled levels in artificially ventilated areas where carbon dioxide (CO2) is used, mainly owing to leakages. Since CO2 is colourless and odourless, it is not possible to immediately notice the dangerous concentrations of CO2 in the breathing air. This can lead to life-threatening situations.

CO2 is used in very different applications. Thus, safety measures are necessary in many branches and are statutorily stipulated Europe-wide in the industrial safety regulations.

Operation of dispensing equipment

CO2 is the most commonly used gas to operate dispensing equipment. The statutory provisions pursuant to the industrial safety regulation and to DIN BGR 228 specify the obligation to secure the areas of installation for beverage containers (cold-storage cells) and CO2 pressurized gas cylinders.

The CO2 CONTROL gas warning system fulfils all legal requirements pursuant to DIN 6653-2 and is used in the following functions: onsite safety, optical and acoustic warning when entering danger zones and in danger zones.

CO2 cooling systems

In order to use CO2 as a natural coolant, it is important for areas with equipment and facilities requiring oversight to be monitored for CO2 leakages and to prevent health hazards. The CO2 CONTROL gas warning system fulfils the statutory requirements and is used in the following situations: safeguarding of cold and deep-freeze rooms at supermarkets and discounters, safeguarding of work environments and all danger zones in which leakages are possible through vaporisers, cable connections or other danger points.

Beverage industry

High quantities of CO2 are generated during the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages. In order to ensure personal safety, the risk must be prevented through the gas warning system.

The CO2 CONTROL gas warning system can be adjusted to the needs of fermenting cellars and has broad appeal owing to its optimal price-performance ratio, high levels of safety and simple maintenance.

Cleaning industry

Blast cleaning using dry ice pellets (CO2) has revolutionized industrial cleaning as well as cleaning in small crafts industry. During the cleaning process with dry ice pellets in enclosed areas, the CO2 CONTROL gas warning system controls and monitors the technical extraction and thereby protects the workers from health hazards. At the same time, it undertakes a check during shutdown as to whether the cleaning system and the CO2 dry ice containers have been properly sealed.

Packaging industry

CO2 is used as shielding gas in diverse packaging used for preserving foodstuffs: for packaging bread, baked products or roasted coffee, in tubular bags for loose or deep-frozen foodstuffs or for industrially manufactured fresh meat products. The storage and consumption of the CO2 gases used for this purpose require strict protection from leakages and excessive concentration at the workplace.

Fire protection

CO2 is particularly suited to combat burning liquids and gases. It is mostly used in enclosed spaces owing to its extinguishing properties. Areas of applications are laboratories, electric equipment, EDP areas and many other types of protection for rooms and properties in combination with mobile and stationary equipment. 

CO2 CONTROL ensures totally reliable monitoring of CO2 concentrations in storage rooms for CO2 containers or extinguishing systems and, particularly essential for survival, in fire protection zones.