Questions and answers concerning CO2 CONTROL


A total of two passive devices. Independent of the combination.

Using a distributor (hub of the internal system bus).

The PA warning unit has floating outputs for routing of alarm situations to upstream control elements (building control).

The AM PLUS variant has an additional flashlight and horn. All other functions are identical.

  • By calculating the maximum room concentration (< 3% CO2).
  • If the room is naturally ventilated through openings that cannot be locked and extend over at least 1/100 of the surface area, then it is deemed not dangerous.    
  • 10 kg CO2 (content of the gas container) correspond to 5 m³ of gas.
  • Walk-in cooling chambers/rooms are generally deemed dangerous.

Yes, it can be extended at any time, an initialisation is necessary after the upgrading.

By integrating a signal unit at the counter. Link to the other system components through the distributors.


This can be done by replacing the sensor every four years.


No! Except in the coolant area according to DIN EN 378.

That must be returned to the plant within 14 days.


In the case of warning units that are not older than ten years. Repairing older devices is not economic, so that it is better to invest in a new device.


That signals a technical interruption and a specialist must be brought in.

It indicates a CO2 pre-alert. The source of CO2 source must be closed or the leakage source must be found in order to prevent a further CO2 discharge.

The continuous tone must be confirmed, calm must be maintained, do not enter the danger zone! The stipulated instructions must be observed for each alarm and actions should be taken accordingly.

Is there electrical power? If yes, contact the Service department for replacing the warning unit.

You have a record sheet in the dispenser record book which was filled out by the installers. You will find information in the contact data.

Call the Service department of KUNDOxT GmbH. We are happy to be able to help you.