This is what motivates us We want to make people’s everyday life easier and safer with our solutions

Over the past 110 years, our work has continued to be creative and innovative, and we have been able to set technological milestones – for instance, in wireless technology, in energy-saving switch panel designs, CO2 gas warning systems and metering solutions. Despite all these different developments, we have always been driven by a common vision: Our products have to visibly improve the lives of people.

Facts about KUNDO xT

KUNDO is a medium-sized family-owned and -controlled organization headquartered in Baden Württemberg that was founded in 1899. We see ourselves as a business enterprise with the requisite expertise and accomplishments that demand innovation and efficiency with the goal of actively helping its customers advance through its service offering.

This is what you can expect from us

We work with our customers and staff in a sustainable and reliable manner. We have the courage and the capability to dynamically change things. Our goal is to offer solutions that serve as a gold standard in your sector. We provide long-term strategies, but can make quick decisions and implement them swiftly.

Aiding us in the realisation and implementation of our projects are our short coordination channels and our well-functioning global supplier network. We attach great importance to precision, clarity and responsibility.

Quality management and certificates

KUNDO xT is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Different methods, such as supplier audits, Failure Modes and Effects Analyses (FMEA), statistical process controls (SPC) or 8D problem solving processes (8D report) ensure compliance with quality standards. Our fully automated 100% final clearance helps us attain a very challenging defect rating score (Six Sigma Quality).

KUNDO xT in St. Georgen

St. Georgen and the Black Forest complete one another in a unique manner. They offer a relaxed and healthy environment to bring together the pioneering spirit with technology. Similarly, attractive living options for families converge with good schooling and university education facilities. And relatively favourable prices combine well with a perfect location between Villingen-Schwenningen, Freiburg and Offenburg. This is a good place to make plans for a sustainable and long-term future.

Milestones in the company's history

1899 – Precision mechanics

Founding of the company - first round gongs for wall clocks

1956 – Electronics

First transistor-controlled clock in the world

1980 – Large-scale production (60,000 pieces per day)

First fully automatic assembly line in the world for quartz works

1983 – Measuring technology

Development of the first electronic heat cost allocator

1986 – Long-wave radio (DCF 77)

KUNDO develops world’s first radio clock with date display

1994 – Short-wave radio (433 MHz)

First radio system for transmitting consumption data was created by KUNDO

1995 – Development and market launch for CO2 gas detecting units

Right away the market leader in this segment

2008 – Energy-independent ambient temperature sensors with time signal reception

Development and inception of serial production of the first energy-independent ambient temperature sensors with time signal receptor and extremely long dark power reserve