KUNDO xT as employer

Do qualities like curiosity, courage, reliability, mobility, short decision-making processes appeal to you? Do you like the motto “When there’s no way in sight, we will find one together”? Would you be comfortable in a company culture that is characterized by respect and goodwill? If so, welcome to our company.


KUNDO xT is a medium-sized, strong family organization headquartered in southern Germany that is also globally active. Our employees are interested in technology, but they also act as partners and business partners to our customers for generating solutions to problems. Their superior expertise ensures our competitive edge. We strive to do excellent work, and we do that with joy.


We offer you continued efforts at advanced education, performance oriented compensation, 30-day vacation and a company pension scheme, as well as a family-friendly environment with flexible working hours and great local public transport services. You can expect that the work environment at our company is characterized by considerate cooperation and a friendly and committed atmosphere.

Offers for employees and students at KUNDO xT

Here you will find updated job postings of KUNDO xT.

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KUNDO xT Training and internship


Kundo xT invests in regular professional training programs for industrial business managers. Irrespective of the offers of open jobs, you can apply here.

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We offer preparatory (vocational) and professional / study-related jobs. Internships in the managerial sector in such positions as industrial business manager in the technical area or as student trainees for the Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis and ancillary activities. Please go ahead and send us your application.

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