From the idea to the perfect concept Our services are geared to provide 100% customer satisfaction

One of the great strenghts of KUNDO xT is its ability to develop holistic solutions. The coordination of such diverse interdisciplinary competences as hardware development and user experience has been a significant factor that has contributed to its success. It is as important, however, to be able to solve challenging technological problems and also facilitate an efficient serial production. In that context, we are focused on one goal: 100% customer satisfaction.

Experience-based solutions

Our holistic solutions rely on our staff’s extensive knowledge of technical details and their high degree of technical expertise. This applies as much to hard- and software development as to solutions requiring equipment design, user-friendliness and production optimization.

Evaluating quality systematically

We always assess our solutions systematically: from production, delivery, installation, commissioning, repairs and maintenance, replacement – right up to recycling.

Customer is the king

When assisting our customers, we put our entire knowledge base to use, right from the creation of a specification sheet and target costing to serial production, and we are known for our project flexibility.

Your feedback counts

We are satisfied if our customers and users are satisfied. This is the sole metric that will ensure their success in the long term. It safeguards the businesses of our customers and thereby also of our company.

„Keeping it simple“

Often, a simple solution goes a long way, more so than a highly comprehensive solution. Attaining this degree of “simplicity” requires a parallel – and particularly high level of – expertise in the conception, development and implementation processes.

Easy to use

The principle of “Keeping it simple” applies even here, in that our products can be intuitively installed and operated. For that reason, we value simple commissioning and configuration operations and lay great emphasis on providing user-friendly systems.

Your service representatives for holistic solutions


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Sales manager
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