CO2 CONTROL Our Services

CO2 CONTROL combines intelligent functions with variable integration possibilities – always with the goal of combining long-term safety with the simplest handling procedures. For that reason, the necessary information on the facility, operation, repairs and maintenance are both short and easy to implement.

Service and Maintenance

CO2 safety systems that require oversight must undergo regular maintenance in compliance with the industrial safety regulations. In order to avoid the full responsibility for providing service and maintenance on an annual basis, KUNDO xT stipulates a sensor replacement for CO2 CONTROL after four years of operation. Thus there is no need for onsite testing or calibrations using test gas. Pure CO2 is enough to conduct the functional testing every year for alarm activation according to DIN EN 378. As replacement sensors are supplied in advance with a new four-year warranty, the installer no longer bears any further responsibility. The procedure for replacing the sensors is quick and easy. The documentation on the maintenance cycles guarantees safe compliance with the cycles. Old sensors are returned to the manufacturer, who prepares and returns them to the replacement circuit. The installer is required to visit the property just once, which saves him time and money. 

Project planning and development

The planning and development of the CO2 CONTROL safety system is generally simple and uncomplicated. We are happy to offer advanced support with following the safety and construction requirements, in order to plan your facility. It goes without saying that we are your immediate contacts for assembling and designing our CO2 CONTROL safety systems.


We offer CO2 CONTROL training programs on our factory premises at KUNDO xT and also on your premises if the number of participants is high enough.


In special cases, we issue a KUNDO xT approval for existing CO2 CONTROL systems based on the inspection and survey of the correct installation and perfect functioning. KUNDO xT is not authorized to approve more comprehensive operations.