Goal-oriented, reliable, transparent KUNDO xT Project management

We assist with projects, right from the conception of the idea to serial delivery, with our professional project management service and quality control processes. The values we thereby provide include transparent, layered, and controllable development processes that offer flexibility and ensure continuous progress. Mechanisms of quality control are deployed to identify possible risks in a timely manner and thereby also to ensure that the implementation of each project takes into consideration the schedule, costs and functions.

Core characteristics of project management

  • Defined process steps and milestones
  • ISO 9001 certified project management process
  • Stage-gate process
  • Agile growth in the software sector
  • Requirement engineering in the software sector

Consumption-optimized, energy-independent, efficient KUNDO xT Embedded development

KUNDO xT can offer a great wealth of experience for developing scaled-down sensors and actuators that can be operated energy-independently for many years, either through special batteries or energy harvesters (small solar batteries). The realization and production in fully automated big series productions requires extensive know-how in system design and close coordination between the embedded hard- and software development, in consideration of the strict limits to the energy and storage capacity currently available.

Key aspects of embedded software development

  • Special know-how with ultralow wireless power (ULP) devices
  • Challenging energy management for devices
  • Use of energy-independent devices, primarily in the form of small solar batteries 
  • Use of the most modern form of ULP ICs
  • Design of hard- and software architecture to enable utmost energy-efficient operation
  • Efficient and flexibly usable communication logs
  • A modular communication stack optimized for embedded ULP devices to enable individual configuration of communication based on low-power wireless IP      
  • Different transmission standards, network levels and application profiles

Our experience

  • 150 person-years in the development of (Large) series devices
  • Approx. 25 million products produced
  • 140,000 products produced with energy harvesters

Agile, state-of-the-art, comprehensive KUNDO xT Software development


We develop efficient software solutions from the smallest embedded platforms right up to cloud applications or even apps for mobile telephones (Android/iOS). We work at all levels with a continual building and testing system with integrated version management. Development processes are based on agile development according to Scrum methodology and thus create a flexible, but also very high-performance, action-oriented structure.

Key characteristics of software development

  • Embedded programming languages: Assembler, C, C++
  • Backend programming languages: Java
  • Frontend programming languages: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (diverse frameworks)
  • Processor architecture: ARM Cortex M0–M7
  • Operation systems: Embedded solutions without operating system with real-time OS
  • In case of Gateway devices: Linux derivate and frameworks, as for instance OSGI
  • Mobile applications: Android/iOS
  • Integrated testing system

Our experience

  • 65 person-years of experience in the development of corresponding solutions

Energy-efficient, robust, standardized KUNDO xT Wireless communication

KUNDO xT has a high level of know-how for developing and serially producing low-energy (battery or solar operated) wireless sensors and actuators. Thereby the entire development path, starting with simulation and right up to certification of devices according to national and international guidelines for wireless products, is represented. Owing to the expertise it garnered over many years, its use of special measurement devices and its close cooperation with renowned institutes and special laboratories in the high frequency development, KUNDO xT is among the leading providers in this segment.

Key features of wireless solutions

  • Frequency range of 60 kHz, 77.5 kHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 2.4 GHz
  • System design for proprietary and standardized solutions
  • Qualification test / system optimization
  • System test and system simulation
  • Wireless measurement technology: GTEM cell, spectrum analyzer
  • Network analyzer, HF measuring cells

Our experience

  • 45 person-years of experience in the development of products and systems for wireless communication
  • 8 million wireless devices produced

Functional, premium, durable KUNDO xT Device design

The construction of devices requires perfection, concentration on customer use, performing the tasks faithfully, premium materials, cost-consciousness and sustainable design. The development teams of KUNDO xT thus lay emphasis on the latest development tools, a close collaboration with designers and clients as well as open communication. The main aim: a perfect result. And that means not only fulfilling all product requirements, but also ensuring an uncomplicated implementation of tests and a quick production readiness.

Key characteristics of device design

  • Customer-specific developments  
  • Use of premium materials
  • Top quality level
  • Designed for sustainable use
  • Creating sustainable designs
  • Safeguarding the budget previously agreed on
  • Design to produce
  • Design to test

Our experience

  • 45 person-years of experience in design, construction and implementation
  • More than 200 devices developed and produced

Flexible, efficient, premium value KUNDO xT Production

In putting our individual product solutions into action, while ensuring flexibility, ease, best quality and large quantities, we collaborate with our reliable, global supply chain. We produce directly in St. Georgen in small and medium-sized series. All core processes of manufacturing, such as calibration, adjusting, and final checks are undertaken there – regardless of the respective production location.

Core characteristics of production

  • Production in the HF domain
  • Production of safety-related systems
  • International production chains
  • Traceable products
  • Integrated quality management   
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • HF production testing system
  • Certified CO2 sensor check and calibrating system
  • Long-wave testing systems
  • High voltage testing station
  • Function test systems
  • Climate testing station for expanded temperature range

Our experiences

  • 85 person-years in experience in the development of corresponding solutions

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